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Welcome to my website. If you want to study organic chemistry thoroughly, then this is the place for you! Here’s several things about this website:

Another website about organic chemistry?

I know that there are already plenty of websites out there in the wild and scary www universe that talks about organic chemistry, some of them are excellent websites too. However, I believe it doesn’t hurt to have another website that gives you a different perspective on the same matter. The ability to understand a topic is different for everyone, so having different perspectives for the same topic only brings more good than harm. Also, a lot of students think that organic chemistry is dark and full of terror. But it really isn’t! So I am hoping to help and teach people organic chemistry from my own perspective.

I manage and update RetroSynthetiX regularly.

While I do try to post things and answer questions regularly, I also have a life so once in a while I may not be available to post on this site or reply to a comment. Furthermore, I also spend some time managing my other website, ChemisTronomiX, that teaches non-organic chemistry topics, mainly general chemistry. So feel free to have a look if you forget any fundamental chemistry concepts.

RetroSynthetiX covers theories, reactions and practical techniques.

This includes theories and reactions of basic to advanced organic chemistry, discussed in undergraduate and postgraduate level organic chemistry. Each post is tagged accordingly. Check out the Theories and Reactions page for these topics.

Most people think practical techniques can only be learned through the actual lab practice. While I do agree with them, it doesn’t hurt to know the theory. If anything, it helps students prepare for the actual thing. Experienced students/chemists are also welcomed to visit the Lab Techniques page if you wish to refresh your memories about some concepts you studied a long time ago.

RetroSynthetiX also explains the terms often found in organic chemistry.

Visit the OChem Lingo page to check out terms and abbreviations often found in textbooks and research papers. This page lists the terms as well as their respective descrptions.

Students often find many seemingly-similar terms that are often very different to one another. The Confusions page lists the most common source of confusion, where I explain the differences of each and every terms and concepts using real examples.

The topic you’re looking for isn’t here yet?

I started RetroSynthetiX from scratch. I slowly add one topic at a time, so it may take a while to cover the whole thing. If you want to have a certain topic covered, feel free to contact me and I’ll get back to you A.S.A.P. and do my best to post it in this website. I will get back to you once the post is up and running.

Lastly, I am only human and I do make mistakes from time to time. I’d really appreciate it if you could point them out to me. Also please let me know if there’s any broken links I should repair. You can report them through the Report Errors page or contact me directly.