About the Author

Call me Dr RP!

I won’t bore you with my life stories, but if you visit this page then I assume you want to know a bit about me. Here’s a super short version of my bio:

After a long and arduous journey, I finally obtained my PhD in Organic Chemistry from a university in North West England in 2016, and I am currently living peacefully somewhere in this beautiful blue planet. Aside from organic chemistry, I am an avid photographer and an aviation enthusiast. I wish one day to buy myself a big telescope and start learning astrophotography.

I also love learning new languages. I am able to speak English and several other languages, however I am not a native English speaker. So I apologise in advance to all of my readers if you find that my English sounds weird!

The English I use in this website is British English, because I am more used to it. So please don’t be confused when I write ‘synthesised’ instead of ‘synthesized’.